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“David” in “customer service”, creepy. $400k+ mortgage.

This organization snapped up our VA loan from “Veterans United”, another holding company as it turns out. We are appalled to learn that “PennyMac” is actuall Angelo Mozillow’s “Countrywide” den of thieves and liars. They screwed up our escrow account, then in the middle of a pleasant attempt at resolution, began to treat US as criminal debtors! Suddenly, our electronic communications with their “secure message center” no longer works!

We have paid our mortgage in full, on time, for a year with them, even setup an electronic auto-payment with our credit union. Truly vile and despicable people and behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pennymac Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Firstly the BBB is completely useless. They have ZERO power to do anything.

They are a pay for grade. Meaning ANYONE can pay the BBB fee and get an “A”. Secondly what exactly is your complaint. I see you think a phone rep is “creepy” and there was an issue with your escrow account.

Probably a transfer of control issue. And that it’s owned by someone you don’t like. So what is the issue? Just saying I’m not seeing an actual issue other then you venting online.’Dont you realize the harm you are causing by venting?

No people like you use the web and WALLOW in self pity never realizing the harm you’re causing. You don’t have a actual issue other then your displeasure. Which means your post will come up in a search. You’re affecting them by being anon and not having a real issue.

But hey, you’re not responsible enough to think about the harm you cause. Stop for a moment and put Yourself in their position for just a moment. How would YOU PERSONALLY feel about trying to run a business and being cut down by faceless and nameless mean spirited and thoughtless individuals.

Just because you can justify your actions in your head doesn’t mean they are the right actions. Maybe take a moment each time you go to do something and ask yourself if it’s right.

to Durpa #1435408

Check your mental health at the keyboard, son, the challenge is issue resolution, not your issues.


File a complaint with the BBB. This company is trash and will crumble.

to Anonymous10 #1434213

BBB is a joke too. They basically take a payoff to rate organizations at the top.

Too much of the U.S. re; is now scam / ripoff / lie because “everyone else is doing it”. Ethics? Integrity?

Respect for “the share holder” is ALL that matters.

The customer is considered a joke and the employee, a bad joke’s joke. That’s fundamentally what the cancerous speed of “relative morality” brought our nation.

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