After refinancing two years ago with another lender, my mortgage was sold to PennyMac! They have the worst customer service, and a horrendous website.

They never get back to you when emailing or calling them, and they always seem to be late in taking money out of my escrow to pay for the property taxes! Actually according to the website, I have no record of paying property taxes!

I have tried numerous times in contacting them, and they just keep telling me your taxes will be paid! My School Taxes are due the 1st of September, and here it is the 17th, and no record of them paying them!

If I could afford it, I would refinance with another lender, but it has only been two years, and I am stuck with them!

Is there anything I can do!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pennymac Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pico Rivera, California, United States #1047257

Please email me and I will get you all the information you need and connect you to a paralegal that will talk with you to find out what the issues are. Then he will talk with them on your behalf, will set up a strategic plan of action to get you out of trouble.Then at that time you can decide if you want to hire him.



File a complaint with CFPB but it is standard business practice for companies not to pay taxes till the last minute before there is a late charge. Also most companies use vendors who issue large bank wires for hundreds of accounts takes a while to show paid with your tax office hope that helps.


Document everything and file a complaint with your state attorney generals office also file a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau....this will let them know you are going to fight back, also file complaint with the BBB...they have no teeth but bad press doesn't help them and may warn off unsuspecting homeowner from borrowing from PennyMac

to BL #1575483

I just received a letter from my county stating that I didn't pay my February 2018 property taxes. PennyMac is my new lender, Chase transferred my loan to them.


I would go to every bank and cu to refi my loan. Your dealings with PM will never get better just worse. Run from them as fast as you can....before they get you dug in a hole so deep you can't get out....bad credit, late fees ect.....

to BL #1575485

I had Chase as a lender. I just received a letrer from n'y county stating that I didn't pay my February 2018 property taxes. PennyMac is my new lender, Chase transferred my loan to them.

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