I was impacted by Hurricane Florence when my property and garages flooded. My house is elevated and is okay.

I read all the horror stories online about dealing with PennyMac and the claim check from the insurance company. I documented everything I sent to them and required a signature for the Priority Mail package I sent with the check from the insurance company. PennyMac did not hold my funds for repairs. They endorsed the check and sent it right back to me.

I am required to get the work completed and let them know.

They will send an inspector when I am close to completion. I could not be happier with this experience and wanted to post so others know it can be a positive experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pennymac Flood Damage Claim.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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This is the most horrble mortgage company I have ever dealt with. The insurance money on claims is not theirs, we the customer have paid for this insurance and they are slow to release and ask for the moon before releasing.

Anyone who goes with this company is crazy! When we are done with this problem we will be refinancing and leave them.


How much was your claim for? I requested they do the same and they denied me. Everytime I call them its a never ending hold and they take forever to process documents.

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