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I am in middle of filing a class action lawsuit on Penny Mac for illegal business practices, fraud, violation of consumer rights . The federal government is also involved .

If there is anyone out there who have been wronged by this company , please reply and or contact me to merge our efforts . They are not getting away with their shady business tactics this time I am pursing this thing till the wheels fall off.

I have already started petitions and organizing and launching social media strikes against them. My email address is Csweetbirds@aol.com

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I'm sending you an email. Hope to God Penny Mac will be forced to pay off my mortgage instead of foreclosing since they were the ones who screwed up. I have all of my paperwork in order.


Yes I would like to share information as well about Pennymac fraudulent charges on my bill.


Yes I am with you You would not believe what happened to me with this company. I structured my surgery around when my home equity loan would close.

I started the loan process in April i was told my loan would close no later than May 24. I have been on medical leave since June 4 and I’ve had to borrow money from family friends etc. I have suffered lots of damages because of this company’s incompetence.

I am a 60% disabled veteran Marine. I am sending you an email to join your efforts.

to todd crowe #1537001

I’m with you on that my friend. Promised to close 7/27/18 and crickets from the loan department!

Withdrawal my application yesterday and started all over with Quicken Loans !

How does a company that sells money screw up the sale. Please file to BBB


Are you still planning on doing the lawsuit? I am willing to help the cause. They recently deceived me regarding my home insurance and want me to pay the for a lapse of coverage.


I am in the middle of trying to get them to resolve an issue myself, on 6/25/18 I used their automated phone system to make a mortgage payment and it was taken out the next day and on the same day another payment was taken out then returned but caused an overdraft fee so I called them and was told to send a printout of the fee so they could refund it before I could do it they withdrew the same amount again on the 29th sending my bank account into the negative causing every transaction after that to be overdrawn and charged a $35 fee for every transaction after that, now I've been on the phone with them 6 times and talked to 6 different people from customer service and gotten nowhere in getting this resolved! This is simple they took $867.26 wrongfully without my authorization plus causing me $210.00 in bank fees and leaving my account -$384.00, that's a $1042.00 swing that they simply need to return plus reimburse the $210.00 in fees but this is too complicated for them to figure out on their own for some reason.

I've filed a complaint with the federal consumer protection bureau and when they got that then they called me and as every time they're working to fix it but when I call her to check the status nobody answers and it goes to voicemail, they have put me in such a financial hole I can't pay my bills because they basically stole every dime I had in checking and they just won't return it! There has to be laws against this!


I sent you an email. I am very interested in joining in your cause against PennyMac. They've wronged me, too.


I thought I was the only one, I have been fighting them for over 8 years, would not do a loan modification, on my mothers home. I filed my complaint with Hud in Baltimore.

Even the curcuit court dismissed the foreclosure. But they moved forward with the foreclosure. I am still in my mothers home still fighting the war with them. Got my lawyer involved, they will not call him,because of their voice mail system.

But Hud has it for now,and 3 other cusumer lawyers. Email harrisleon91@yahoo.com


You’re absolutely right


I tried to do a modification and got denied they kept saying my house was less that what it was worth. The are the worst. Let me know about the class action.


My son took an illegal mortgage from PennyMac in the amount of 159,600.00 i evicted him after getting a Sheriff Deed to the property They will not give me iny payment info since my CROOKED son is on the run, I used a Home Equity Loan to help him purchase this property for cash now this and my home are in jeopordy i dont know where to turn


YES!! PLEASE!!! I inquired about a loan modification and am now fighting to get back in good standing after being forced into a "default" situation.


YES. Took 2 years to get a response about PMI and now "they have lost the evidence that I sent anything".


I have tried to do a loan modification to no avail. A class action lawsuit is needed to put them out of buisness


Pennymac has to be the absolute worst mortgage company in history. As of tomorrow I will be contacting the insurance commissioner in California as well as all other states they hold a licence as well as the State Attorneys office to report the deceptive and fradulent acts they have done while I have had a mortgage with them.

I am mortified and caution everyone to look closer at your contracts and billing statements. I'm in utter shock right now.

Shame on this company!!! talessiafm@gmail.com


My home was illegally foreclosed on and I was illegally evicted on March 22,2013 in South Shore.



My ex & I originally purchased a HUD home under the Good Neighbor Next Door Program because he is a cop. The original note was under Countrywide, then Bank of America got it then it was sold to PennyMac in Aug.


My ex & I got divorced in Dec. 2016 and he remained in the home, the kids & I moved. He stopped paying the note, so I contacted PennyMac to find out what options were available to me to salvage my credit and remove me from the note.


First, I was told to write an Assumption letter stating that I wanted to be removed, both of us sign it and get it notarized. Then they said that wouldn’t work, we needed to apply for a modification.

We first applied for a loan modification in March 2017and eventually got approved for a REPAYMENT PLAN FOR 3x THE MONTHLY PAYMENT in June!!!

Sooooo not what we applied for!!! That’s AFTER getting conflicting responses on whether or not a quit claim deed was a requirement. So, we ended up doing a quit claim deed signing away my interest in the property, got it stamped and recorded then submitted it to PennyMac. STILL NOT OFF THE NOTE!!!!

Applied for yet ANOTHER modification without using my financial info, FINALLY got approved. Was told that only I need to write a letter requesting a Simple Assumption since my ex was approved for the trial modification based solely on his income. I wrote the letter and submitted it with a copy of my divorce decree & quit claim. Got a call tonight from a Qualified Assumption Specialist who said THAT WON’T WORK!!!!

Now supposedly HE has to write a letter assuming the note AFTER he completed his trial modification & if he defaults I’m stuck!!! This is AFTER I left a detailed message for the modification supervisor where I read the language in my original loan documents which state that, as the co-signer, I AM NOT PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAYMENT OF THIS NOTE!!!! I asked for an immediate callback and have YET to receive one!!! My credit has taken a 128 point decline in 10 MONTHS DUE SOLELY TO PENNYMAC!!!!!

They are trying to steal this house and they need to be stopped!!!!!

SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!! Krisjohn82@yahoo.com


They failed to pay my homeowner's insurance and almost a year later I get a notice that I don't have coverage and I need to get policy info to them. I checked with my insurance company and they said the policy was cancelled because of lack of payment.

I pay escrow every month and it was their responsibility to pay this bill.

I just got a new policy and had to pay a $500 higher premium because of the lapse of coverage. Now PennyMac sends me a notice that I owe them an additional $492 because of the lapse.

They can kiss my a#*!!! They are crooks.


I'm having the same issue with them raising escrow and making up lies about the county tax office sending them a letter that my taxes were this absurd amount when they weren't, and the tax office said they never sent a letter. They lowered my payment some, but said I owe all of this back payment because my originating loan officer majorly "underestimated" my tax and insurance (he was off on the insurance by $96/month), and the mortgage is still $300/month more than it's supposed to be.

I am on hold with them for the 6th time in two weeks.

Please contact me, I'd like to be a part of this! asaltygirl81@gmail.com


If you are going to file a class action suit. Call Chris Seeger in NYC one of the best class action attys in the country. Pennymac is getting on my nerves.

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